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Price List


Cutting and styling

Cutting and stylingPrice
Straight blowdry£25
Curly blowdry£30
Extension blowdry£35
Pincurls (alone)£15
Pincurls ( add on)+ £5
Cut and blowdry£40


Moisture treatment£15


All highlights/Balayage include toner, cut and blow-dry All tints include cut and blow-dry.
Hair Colour By Stevie By Senior Sylist
T- bar H’lights £90 £80
Half head H’lights £115 £105
Full head H’lights £135 £125
Balayage £150 £135
Root shadow £97 £92
Full head tint/semi £80 £70
Full head tint/perm £90 £80

Extension methods

Cost of hair depends on the brand of hair, colour, length, thickness /weight. A consultation is needed for the above to be recommended.

Angel Remy weft

Natural ratio


Super weft hair


Nano and micro rings

Micro rings are small silicon lined rings that lay flatter when they are clamped shut. This method of hair extensions is applied with no heat or glue and is applied by gently threading the hair through a small ring, which is then pressed shut using pliers which holds the extension into place.

I would not recommend using this method on clients who may have really thick hair or on any clients who may have fine and blonde hair.

Maintenance appointments are recommended to be made between 8-10 weeks, and total refits must not be left longer than 3 months.

Nano rings

The application of nano rings is the same as micro rings, however, the ring itself is up to 90% smaller than the average ring hair extension. This is our preferred method of individual strand extension, as they appear more discreet and unnoticeable in the hair. Maintenance appointments are recommended to be made between 8-10 weeks, and total refits must not be left longer than 3 months.

Fitting price: £1.40 per strand For example 100 strands = £140 fitting cost

Nano rings – double drawn

12-14” £28 per pack of 20,
24” £40 per pack of 20

Fitting £1.40 per strand
For example 24” hair:

180 strands/Fitting £360/£252
160 strands/Fitting £320/£224
140 strands/Fitting £280/£196
120 strands/Fitting £240/£168
100 strands/Fitting £200/£140


Tape extensions are individual wefts of hair that sandwich together with tape which allows them to stay secure until they are they removed. Tapes are great for clients who like their hair up or want to add length and volume with a quick application.

Tapes lay flat to the head, integrating into the hairline, which means they are super discreet and comfy to wear. By Stevie recommends removal and reapplication of tapes between 6-8 weeks depending on the client and how quick their hair grows. Tape hair that has been removed will need to be washed, dried and re-taped prior to application. Always check the brand of hairs recommended lifetime for tape extensions as they will alter per brand, we find that tape extensions last on average for 6 months before needing new hair.

Tapes – per 25g
Length Price
16” £26
18” £40
22” £46
24” £47
Fitting price: £1 per gram For example 100grams = £100
For example a full head 22”
150g: £276
Fitting : £150
Half Head 22”

75g: £138
Fitting: £75

Celebrity Weave

A celebrity weave is a quick application, 15-minute removal time and uses no heat, glue and no plaits. The celeb weave is a super low maintenance form of extensions to upkeep and is definitely the most financially affordable.

The weave is fitted to the hair via sewing the weft to silicone lined micro rings. On average, clients wear 150g over two rows, however for clients with thicker hair, it is best to use 200-250g. Weaves are a perfect method to use for people with thicker and curlier hair.

Celebrity weaves last on average 6-7 weeks before needing maintenance: this involves pushing the micro rings back up and sewing the weft of the hair back into place. A maintenance/retighten appointment should take no longer than an hour, the same time as the fitting time. Your fitting time to start with, will always take longer, but this will speed up over time.

Fitting price: £40 per row For example 2 rows = £80

Angel Remy weft

Natural ratio


Naked Weave

Naked Weave is a brand new take on applying weft hair extensions that uses no heat, no glue, no braids and most importantly and what makes it so innovative is that there are no visible connections. The way it is applied hides the connection from both the top and the bottom and also enables a more comfortable and versatile fit for most hair types. In addition to this the positioning and sectioning makes easier fitting for the technician and more versatility for the client making high ponytails more discreet.

Every aspect of this method is unique to us from the way we thread, to the sectioning and placements. All designed for the most discreet fit.

Fitting price: £50 per row For example 2 rows = £100


Russian lashes:
Full set £65 Infill £35
Full set £60 Infill £30
Classic lashes:
full set £55 infill £30
Lash tint £14


Lamination £45 Inc tint + shape
Lamination £30 Inc brow shape
By Stevie brow £25 Inc tint , shape, tweeze and fill
Tint and shape £22
Brow shape £12
Brow tint £12

Facial Waxing

Lip: £6
Chin: £6
Lip and Chin: £10



Dermaplanning is a skin treatment that uses a clinical blade to remove dead skin cells and hair (known as peach fuzz) from your face, leaving your skin smooth, silky and glowing.

Dermaplan: 45 mins

Inc a cleanse tone and moisturise:  £30

Dermaplan plus: 1hr

Inc a cleanse, tone, relaxing facial mask and moisturise: £35

Dermaplan deluxe : 1hr 15 mins

Inc a cleanse, tone, pore vacuum, relaxing facial mask and moisturise : £45

Facial Waxing

Lip: £6
Chin: £6
Lip and Chin: £10


Full face glam £35
Full face natural £30

Weddings / bridal

  Trials On the Day
Bride £ 55+ £ 65+
Bridesmaid £ 40+ £ 45+
Mother of the Bride £ 40+ £ 40+
Guest £ 40+ £ 40+

Wedding Makeup

  Trials On the Day
Bride £ 70 £ 80
Bridesmaid £ 45 £ 55
Mother of the Bride £ 45 £ 45
Guest £ 45 £ 45